When you think of your last shopping tour on Amazon, didn‘t you wonder how perfectly the suggested items to by fit into your interests? It‘s all about big data and well calculated algorithms.

Digital TV, for example Netflix, is driven by algortihms to determine what the consumer wants in the moment. Therefore Netflix has hundreds of enigneers and freelancers tagging TV-Shows and movies, just to give the viewer what he or she wants and expects.

Big data is also used to meet the needs of patients by making recommendations based of the symptoms a doctor sees. And these recommendations pull in the latest research, so he is getting up-to-the-minute options for patient treatment based on best practices. Big data is transforming the work of a doctor.

Similarly, the field of education is facing enormous pressure to adapt to technology as educators figure out how to meet the needs of students based on best practices.
Universities use their online learning space to collect data of every step of the students learning process so they can customize the learning modules for each student.

But how can Big data affect our schools?

For teachers, being able to compile action plans for students based on best practices would be a big benefit, especially for young teachers. Imagine if a teacher could input „symptoms“ about students and then receives immediate feedback on the best approach to take for a particular student?

One of the challenges for schools in working with students is that schools only get part of the picture, as students do different things in their spare time like team sports, music and jobs. So the „electronic picture“ is not perfect.
Gooru (www.gooru.org) is a web plattform trying to put the power of Big data analytics into the classroom.

How does it work?

At every interaction, Gooru captures usage data, social signals and learning outcomes, which are used to develop user profiles, inform recommendation algorithms, and provide teachers with tools to deliver personalized learning to their students.
That sounds very interessting and it is worth trying.
So stay tuned!